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Car-Motorbike-Home and Earthquake Insurance!
Allianz Direct is an innovative company that deals with the direct sale of insurance products. The goal with which it was born is to offer an ever clearer, simpler, faster service.

To you MyParking Customer, Allianz Direct dedicates a discount of up to 10% * depending on the product and guarantees selected.


Traghettilines applies a 5% discount on the purchase of the ferry ticket, round trip one way, to all MyParking customers.
Do you have an electric car?
Thanks to Repower, MyParking’s new Electric Mobility Partner, you will soon be able to take advantage of the moment of rest to fill up on energy!

Do you have a parking space?
From today, thanks to the partnership with Repower, you will be able to make available to your customers a new service in line with the needs of those who drive an electric car, equipping your car park with practical charging solutions such as PALINA and BITTA (for which it will be possible to use of a particular promotion by 31-05-2021) or of the VAMPA service, the thermography used to prevent damage to electrical systems, as well as a free consultation to measure the degree of overall sustainability of your business (ASE).

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