Jobs for Foreigners in Germany – Agricultural

work in Germany


Germany, the land of engineering and industry, has always remained a country with strong agriculture. Despite being densely populated, half of the land area is used for agriculture. Around one million people produce goods worth around 50 billion euros a year on around 270,000 farms. Farmers provide us with quality food. They are making an increasing contribution to the supply of energy and raw materials. They shape and maintain the face of our country.

German agriculture is one of the four largest producers in the European Union. In order to feed the more than 200 million livestock, more than 50 percent of the agricultural area, grassland and arable land, is used for fodder purposes. In addition to animal products, agriculture mainly produces bread grain, potatoes, sugar beets, oilseeds, fruit and vegetables for human consumption. In addition, there are cultivated areas for the production of bioenergy and bioraw materials.

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