Senior/Research Data Analyst (Manager) job vacancy at SUSS in Singapore


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Senior/Research Data Analyst (Manager) job vacancy at SUSS in Singapore

About SUSS

At SUSS, we advocate the Spirit of Learning by creating enriching learning experiences. To us, learning is a lifelong pursuit of knowledge that benefits not only the individual, but those around them as well. Because, when combined with a Passion for Community, knowledge enables us to make a positive, lasting difference in people’s lives. As we contribute to an inclusive and resilient society, it is important that we conduct ourselves with Integrity, and treat people with equal Respect and Trust. Together, we drive Innovation for Excellence, using new ideas and technologies to service society’s changing needs. Teamwork ensures that we work with, and learn from one another, leveraging individual strengths to achieve our collective goals.

Short Description

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Senior/Research Data Analyst to join the Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC).

TLC promotes excellence in teaching and learning through the design and implementation of innovative pedagogies; facilitation of Faculty development and training; scholarship of teaching & learning; and provides academic support for students whilst developing lifelong learning attributes in our graduates.

Job Description

As Senior/Research Data Analyst you will be proactive and crucial to the successful development and implementation of adaptive learning systems and web applications to augment the quality of teaching and learning within the university. You will be responsible for developing and implementing data analytics solutions, and research tasks related to educational data mining. These include data extraction, wrangling, examination, interpretation, and evaluating relevant models (e.g., machine learning) for the system. With guidance and assistance from colleagues, you will also contribute to reports and publications to communicate success/progress of development works.

Job Requirements

  • Qualifications and/or experience relevant to data analytics/science
  • Competency with the Python programming language
  • Proven ability in data extraction and wrangling, identifying and applying appropriate statistical algorithms for hypotheses testing, pattern discovery and model evaluation
  • Proven ability to build applications to scrub, combine, manage data from various sources, and implement automated processes to produce data sets
  • Proven ability to design data models upon robust statistical and data mining approaches, data flow diagrams and mechanisms to optimise the flow, maintenance, storage and retrieval of data
  • Demonstrated experience in presenting insights for improved decision making and more efficient operations
  • Competency with MySQL and a non-relational database (e.g., Redis) is a plus
  • Knowledge and evaluation of machine learning and recommendation algorithms is a plus
  • Familiarity with developing web applications is a plus
  • Experience with deploying applications on the AWS platform is desirable

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