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The LuLu Group International offers a challenging and creative career path for those who want to realize their full potential. With retail stores, supermarkets & hypermarkets still growing, LuLu is a force to be reckoned with in the retail sector in the UAE and neighboring countries. Lulu Group International

Seek a job with Lulu Group International – Submit your CV

LuLu Hypermarket

The retail division of LuLu Group International (LuLu Group) has the largest coverage in its core businesses. LuLu Group is the pioneer of the hypermarket business in the region with ‘LuLu Hypermarket’ and has innovated a prestigious portfolio of shopping malls. Currently, LuLu Group operates 232 LuLu stores and 24 shopping malls across the GCC, Egypt, India, and the Far East. These two successful entities have become the foundation of new benchmarks in retail through its upgraded services, product categories, amenities, and design layout.

First established in the early nineties, LULU HYPERMARKET is the fastest growing retail chain in the Middle East and Asia. It is the favourite one-stop shop that provides conducive shopping environment and competitive pricing in the market with operations in UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Rendering service to more than 1,100,000 shoppers daily, it offers a wide plethora of quality product offerings for its multi-ethnic clientele, as it committedly adheres to its tagline ‘where the world comes to shop’.

Manufacturing & Processing

LuLu Group International (LuLu Group) is one of the region’s main providers of food and consumer goods. Its commitment to ensure timely and adequate availability of quality products on the retail front has led its way to spearhead two of the largest food processing facilities in India founded by FAIR EXPORTS. Its manufacturing plants are located at Uttar Pradesh and Mumbai.

Production of meat is its core business with a reserved focus on rendering high quality results. From the procurement of healthy animals to processing, and final packaging, meat at all stages is processed in the most hygienic way and according to the Islamic rituals (Halal). In addition to meat, Fair Exports is engaged in exporting spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, and garments.

Over the years, Fair Exports has gained notable recognitions from various government bodies in India, along with international certificates from Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and International Organization for Standardization.

To further continue innovating new offerings for its market base, LuLu Group has launched its own-labeled items, primarily LuLu label and other homegrown brands. Over 5,000 products have been introduced, primarily concentrating on frozen food and later on creating a non-food collection. From local staples to being globally renowned brands, these products certainly adhere to strict quality guidelines.


LuLu Group International (LuLu Group) has stayed strong in quality and service in the dynamic marketplace through its large-scale import and wholesale distribution of fast moving consumer goods. Its renowned distribution network covers operations across GCC, Egypt, India, Europe, US, and Far East.

LuLu Group has trading offices in different parts of the world, operating with a uniform logistics format to ensure effective management of production and delivery. The organised process involves proper coordination from the first stage of manufacturing and supply management on the way to the retail establishments. LuLu Group guarantees responsible and quality sourcing of products through direct imports from its partner companies, along with the combination of well-trained staff, best ship chandlers, and modern delivery vehicles.


Staying true to its goal to provide high quality experience, LuLu Group has established a credible name with having acquired the business rights to operate prestigious five-star hotel brands. Under its umbrella are the biggest Grand Hyatt Hotel Kochi in the serene island of Bolgatty, two Marriott properties that are situated in India, and Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh The Caledonian, the famous Scottish hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland that boasts more than a century worth of high reputation in luxury tourism.

Launched in 2016, the first LuLu International Convention Centre in Thrissur, India has started the journey to lead iconic and world-class amenities for international exhibitions and conferences. Following its legendary launch, LuLu Group opened Asia’s largest convention centre in Kochi, which features 100,000 square feet of event space. It is adjacent to Grand Hyatt Kochi and ideal for large conventions and weddings.

Real Estate

After having mastered the pace and development of shopping centres, LuLu Group International (LuLu Group) has explored a flagship project on residential and commercial properties with Y TOWER and Y VILLAS. These two real estate groups have proven to become successful over the years with its fast development and growing communities.

Strategically located at premium spots in Abu Dhabi, Y TOWER presents wonderfully designed residence-cum-office apartments for luxurious living and exclusive business amenities. It owns seven properties named after its own in the following areas—Al Reem 1 & 2, Al Mina, ADNEC, Annex, Al Muroor, and Al Dhafra. Each tower features a paradigm of modern architecture, which is full of stylish apartment units and sophisticated spaces for business.

Y Tower is where luxury meets style and function. Situated at the commercial heart of Abu Dhabi next to Al Mamoura Building, the Office Block at the biggest and famed Y Tower is an ideal setting for business with easier access to both the Abu Dhabi International Airport and route to Dubai. The high-rise tower prides itself with its 12-floor complex feature, covering a total area of 98,000 square feet. Besides the exquisitely designed two-to-four-bedroom apartments, the Y Tower management commits to its residents a vibrant community hub that houses beautiful spaces for leisure, entertainment, and dining.

Y VILLAS is LuLu Group’s first large-scale leisure estate and mixed-used development in premium communities located at the outskirts of Abu Dhabi—Saadiyat and Al Ghadeer. Well-known for its ultra-modern communities and luxurious beach villas, Saadiyat is the perfect home for Y Villas’ residential development that provides urban convenience in a natural landscape. Y Villas at Al Ghadeer, on the other hand, is a beautiful residential community in a suburban setting nestled in the boundary of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where quality homes give rise to peaceful living.

Indeed, with the combination of creativity, innovation, and originality, Y Tower proves to be the first choice in business and the key to dream living.