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Registered Nurse – OT Job Vacancy | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Full Time

NMC Healthcare

Registered Nurse – OT Job Vacancy | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Administers planned quality nursing care in the Operating Theater in a safe and therapeutic environment for patients and personnel. Rotates shifts to meet patient care requirements.

Plans and administers quality nursing care in the Operating Theater in a safe and therapeutic environment for patients and personnel. Rotate shifts to meet patient care requirements.


Clinical activities:

  1. Dons & adheres to operating room attire according to policy and procedure.
  2. Responsible for assessment and reassessment of patients.
  3. Works with the OT technician prepares room and assembles instruments & equipment based on patient’s surgical needs.
  4. Demonstrates knowledge of aseptic technique.
  5. Correctly identifies patient and surgical site for procedures as per hospital policies.
  6. Thoroughly checks the pre – operative checklist of patient; including completion of required diagnostic & laboratory procedures.
  7. Monitors and records patients’ vital signs in the pre-operative area and post-operative recovery room as per hospital policy.
  8. Administers pre- operative prophylactic antibiotics according to Doctors orders and hospital policy.
  9. Performs the Appropriateness review of medications before preparing and administering medications as required.
  10. Positions patient with the use of positional aids, maintaining circulatory, respiratory, neuromuscular homeostasis while maintaining privacy and providing maximum exposure to the operative procedure.
  11. Demonstrates skill in performing the duties of scrub nurse and circulating nurse.
  12. Provides safety to patient, to self & the entire surgical team by completing the General surgical safety checklist e.g. Sign in, Time Out, Sign out.
  13. Implements correct practices for the prevention of infection by practicing strict aseptic technique & maintaining the sterile field.
  14. Maintains confidentiality of patient’s records. Updates all relevant documentation / medical records as per hospital policy and procedure.
  15. Demonstrates competence in Cardio – Pulmonary Resuscitation technique.
  16. Adheres strictly to the waste segregation and disposal of waste as per hospital policy.
  17. Adheres strictly to disposal of human tissue policy.
  18. Identifies patient correctly in Post Anesthetic Care Unit.
  19. Attend to patients’ immediate needs and interventions; assess and manage pain as per hospital policy.
  20. Demonstrate competency in checking and maintain patients’ airway.
  21. Uses correct technique in suctioning patient as appropriately needed.
  22. Can recognize airway obstruction and used head tilt chin lift and apply mask appropriately.
  23. Verbalize basic knowledge for post anesthetic complications based on operation performed and anesthetic given
  24. Does test to determine level of regional blocks and position the patient in a way that does not compromise breathing and circulation.
  25. Patients’ normothermia is maintained at all times.
  26. Ensures that patients’ hemodynamic status is monitored as per policy.
  27. Understand the falls risk management and intervene as per policy for all patients at risk of falls.
  28. Collaborates with both surgeon and anesthetist to optimize safety of patients in her care.
  29. Follows the hospital policy on discharge of patients from Post Anesthetic Care Unit.

Job Identification 394

To apply for this job please visit eiby.fa.em2.oraclecloud.com.

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