Laboratory Technician Job Vacancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Laboratory Technician Job Vacancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Full Time

NMC Royal Hospital

Laboratory Technician Job Vacancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates



      • Performs and interprets microbiology procedures for the Clinical Laboratory Department in accordance with established hospital policies and procedures and applicable regulatory guidelines.
      • Isolates and makes cultures of significant bacteria or other micro-organisms in prescribed or standard inhibitory media and controlling factors, such as moisture, aeration, temperature and nutrition.
      • Identifies micro-organisms via microscopic examination of physiological, morphological and cultural characteristics. Responsible for conducting tests to determine susceptibility of pathogenic microorganisms to sulfa drugs, penicillin and other antibiotics.
      • Prepares and interprets gram stains, acid fast stains, preparations of fungus an parasitology.
      • Responsible for preparing culture media reagents and stains for various procedures. Responsible for observing material derived from cultures and identifying the type of bacterial colonies found.
      • Performs chemical analyses of substances including, but not limited to, acids, alcohols and enzymes produced by bacteria and other micro-organisms.
      • Maintains and manages the daily quality control records in the Clinical Laboratory Department as related to microbiology.
      • Performs and records routine preventative maintenance and instrument function checks on all microbiology equipment in the Clinical Laboratory Department.
      • Performs Proficiency Testing as required and follows established procedures.


        • Responsible for accurately completing records and reports and other statistical information for master files or databases.
        • Follows laboratory policy for data retrieval, record keeping, specimen, and identification, requisition, reporting, charting, and billing procedures. Updates Records and Documents on a daily basis


      • Maintains positive working relationship with the medical staff and hospital personnel.
      • Uses positive interpersonal skills to educate/support lab customers and promote success of team members. Uses clear and concise verbal and written communication with staff and the public.
      • Acts independently on supervisor’s direction and accepts responsibility of the adopted policy and procedures of the hospital and the laboratory.
      • Shares call duty and works different shifts as required.
      • Immediately notifies the patient care unit or physician of any critical test results, within 15 mins of the result generation. Interacts professionally with all department members, physicians’ staff, administration and the Director of Clinical Laboratory and Pathology.


      • To perform and follow quality assurance programmes for various laboratory sub departments. Participates in QC/QI for area of specialty and Lab indicators.
      • Does not report patient results unless quality control data are within accepted parameters.
      • Recognizes out of control values, takes corrective action, and notifies others of changes.


  • Complies with laboratory safety procedures. Possesses adequate knowledge of instrumentation, theory, and application of new and existing tests. Completes education necessary to maintain licensure or certification for the job. Uses and maintains all laboratory equipment correctly.


      • Assumes responsibility to resolve problems.
      • Performs required preventative maintenance procedures in laboratory instrumentation.
      • Investigates and resolves technical problems, consults supervisor if resolution involves policy or procedure modification. Identifies real or potential situations or equipment failure, attempts to resolve within area of specialty or knowledge and refers complex issues to appropriate source.
      • May be a key analyzer operator with proper training and documentation of skills.
      • Follows the laboratory safety policies and participates in safety education programs. To attend and follow continuous medical training and education program.


  • Associate Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology
  • At least two (2) years of Medical Laboratory experience.
  • Currently licensed in country of origin and with DHA license to practice in Dubai UAE.
  • Fluent in spoken & written English, Arabic language is desirable, but not essential.

Job Identification 1271

Apply Before 04/28/2023