General Paediatric Job Vacancy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

General Paediatric Job Vacancy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Full Time

NMC Specialty Hospital

General Paediatric Job Vacancy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


The pediatrician will be responsible for attending ambulatory and hospitalized patients in the age group from 29th day of birth to the 12th birthday, 0-28 days during the non-availability of Neonatologist including attending deliveries, including cases of all degree of complexity, according to approved standards of medical practice. Work is performed to meet established medical, ethical and statutory regulations. The HOD is informed and advise sort about the unusual problems encountered and the actions to be taken.



  • Performs the professional duties of a pediatrician.
  • To perform his duties in the Pediatric Outpatient Clinic evaluating patients on a daily basis.
  • To performs professional duties of pediatrician in accordance with the delineation of privileges as recommended by the Credentialing Committee and approved by the Medical Director, Orders Laboratory, radiological examinations, determines diagnosis, prescribe medications, advice nursing and dietary care as necessary and applies such preventive measures as required.
  • Attends deliveries or cesarean section deliveries as required.
  • To provide consultation /referral services to the in-patient services in his area of expertise.
  • To work with patients throughout the entire process starting from consultation to treatment plan.
  • Serves as a specialist pediatrics providing consultative services to other Medical Services.
  • Reviews journals, texts or periodicals in order to keep current on latest techniques, procedures, drugs and therapy.
  • Provides on-call emergency coverage for pediatric emergencies.


  •   Work in all shifts as scheduled by Head of the department.
  •    Monitors clinical and other established indicators to ensure ongoing quality assurance.
  • Strictly adheres to organization’s regulations and policies especially those related to infection control, patient safety, OSHAD, DOH, JCI and ISO.
  •  Supports Continuous Quality Improvement and participates and contributes to all the quality assurance activities of the service.
  • Participates and contributes in scheduled in-service training programs like BLS, NALS, PALS, CNEs, CMEs, In house activities, conferences or other programs as requested.
  •  Exercises effective interpersonal skills in dealings with department staff, associates and Management.
  • Maintains confidentiality as per the agreement signed.
  • Demonstrates the ability to listen to others in promoting effective communication.
  •  Develops thorough understanding of policies and procedures of the hospital and demonstrates respect for them.
  • Carries out other duties when requested by the Head of department.

General OSH Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Familiarize themselves and comply with all OSH and Infection Control policies, standards and procedures that are relevant for their workplace
  • Work in accordance with the documented occupational, safety and health procedures and instructions, specific responsibilities defined in individual procedures and instructions.
  • Use of appropriate personal protective equipment and safety systems and follow safe working procedures
  • Be familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Not willfully or recklessly endanger anyone’s health and safety. Take reasonable care for the health and safety of persons that may be affected by the employee’s acts or omissions at the workplace.
  • Assist with the preparation of risk assessments
  • Attend applicable departmental safety training and follow OSHMS policies and procedures.
  • Take reasonable care of their own health and safety.
  • Cooperate with their employer with respect to any action taken by the employer to comply with OSHMS requirements.
  • Notify supervisor or Department Safety facilitator of any hazards, health and safety mishaps or incidents within or outside their area of work.

Task Specific OSH Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Assist management during potential emergency situations.
  • Must be familiar with common hazards, ergonomic, sharps and biological hazards in work area and how to handle them.
  • Safe use of all Department Instrument’s/equipment’s and Machines as per manufacturer instruction.
  • Safe handling, use and disposal of needles /sharps.
  • Assists to Identify, label and maintain department specific hazardous materials , (M)SDS and its current inventory.



  1. Graduate of approved Medical School with a valid license to practice medicine.
  2. Post-graduation in Pediatrics from approved Medical School; Certification by the American Board of Pediatrics or equivalent U.K. certification Member of the Royal College of Physicians (PAEDS).
  3. At least 3 years as a full-time pediatrician, after residency training.
  4. Must have a thorough knowledge of medical ethics, with particular reference to the obligation to maintain the confidentiality of his work; personality which inspires confidence and trust in his patients; and adhere to Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of the Medical Organization.
  5. Current licensure in country of origin and with DOH license to practice in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  6. Excellent command of oral and written English. Knowledge of Arabic language is desirable but not essential.
  7. Communication, interpersonal skills as applied to interaction with co-workers, superiors, patients & families.

Job Identification 576

Apply Before 03/31/2023

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