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Engineer II, Aircraft Maintenance Job Vacancy | Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kuwait Airways

Engineer II, Aircraft Maintenance Job Vacancy | Kuwait City, Kuwait

About us

On the wave of the oil boom of the 1940s, a national carrier was born in 1954. Initially, Kuwait Airways Company served a limited network of Basra, Abadan, Beirut, Damascus and Jerusalem; however, a year later the fledgling carrier was facing economic hardship, and the government of Kuwait took a 50% interest in the airline, subsequently doubling the company’s capital. Having entered the rough and tumble world of aviation, the government finally took 100% share in Kuwait Airways.

Kuwait Airways entered the jet age in 1962 by leasing a Comet 4-C, the world’s first jet-engined airliner. In the 1960s, the national carrier rapidly expanded its route map, and scheduled services to London began three times a week. To keep pace with fast-moving aviation requirements, three Boeing 707s were delivered in 1968. Ten years later, Kuwait Airways had an all Boeing 707 fleet of eight aircraft. ​

In 1978, Kuwait Airways entered the wide-body age by taking delivery of its first two B747-200s, adding a third the following year. This expansion permitted Kuwait Airways to extend its network to New York to the west and Manila to the east. ​

Modernization of the fleet continued, and four B727-200s were delivered in 1980-1981. Two years later, eight Airbus A310s and A300-600s were delivered, and in 1986 three Boeing 767-200ER aircraft joined the wide-body fleet.

Following the destruction of its premises and 15 of its aircraft during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the airline was relaunched. Moreover, the company was restored after the Liberation of Kuwait, and a basic strategy was constituted to expand its operations around the world. After the Liberation of Kuwait until 1998, the Kuwaiti Airways fleet consisted of 17 aircraft.

Job Description

Kuwait Airways is activity recruiting for the position of Engineer II, Aircraft Maintenance in the Engineering department, in this role your responsibilities will include but not limited to:

Basic Function and Scope :

On his assigned shift directs and participates in the testing, disassembly, maintenance, repair, reassemble and inspection of components and installations as assigned. Work may be either airframe or engine repair and maintenance. Ensures that work is carried out in accordance with airworthiness directions and standards (approved document).

Tasks and Duties :

  1. Participates in the repair, maintenance, checking and inspection of components and installations in his assigned area of the aircraft. The nature of the work may be either airframe or engine. Ensures that such work is carried out to the required standards of quality, quantity, and safety.
  1. May carry out post inspection function & rigging. Includes taking out aircraft for leak check. Completes full documentation for work and checks carried out.


– 4 years’ civil aircraft maintenance experience, including time required to qualify for ‘type’ licenses.

– Licensed Aircraft Maintenance with equivalent technical knowledge (B1 or B2 Approvals).

To apply for this job please visit careers.kuwaitairways.com.

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