Consultant Orthopedic Surgery Job Vacancy | Abu Dhabi, UAE

Consultant Orthopedic Surgery Job Vacancy | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Full Time

NMC Royal Hospital

Consultant Orthopedic Surgery Job Vacancy | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


  • Provides comprehensive and diligent orthopedic care to all assigned patients, including pre- and post-operative care and such orthopedic procedures as are within incumbent’s competence.
  • Performs professional duties at OPD at which out-patient orthopedic care is to be rendered to patients.
  • Provides consultation services to physicians and other surgeons and specialists, on in-or out-patient cases if and when required.
  • Assumes after hours responsibility for the care of admitted orthopedic cases and makes daily rounds for those hospitalized.
  • Adheres to the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the medical department and assures that work performed is in keeping with the established standards of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of hospitals.
  • Consults with anesthetist on the choice of anesthesia to be used.
  • Maintains complete and accurate records of all assigned cases.
  • Keeps informed as to current developments in the field of orthopedic.
  • Determines which surgical and related services procedures are proper to undertake and when new techniques will be utilized. Determines requirements and initiates action to assure availability of special equipment and supplies.
  • Utilizes and monitors to assure the use supporting services (Nursing, Operations Support, Pathology, Radiology) in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Comply with all OSH and infection control policies, standards and procedures and cooperate with hospital management to comply those requirements
  • Work accordance with the documented OSH procedures and instructions, specific responsibilities
  • Be familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Notifying OSH Hazards, incidents, Near misses and issues and assistance with the preparation of risk assessments, incident reports
  • Comply with Waste management procedures and policies
  • Attend applicable OSH/Infection control training programs, mock drills and awareness programs 3.17 Use of appropriate personal protective equipment and safety systems


  •  Graduation from an approved medical school plus internship.
  • Three years residency in orthopedic culminating in procuring a Post-Graduate Master’s degree and/or equivalent Fellowships approved by DOH.
  • Five or more year’s exclusive practice of Orthopedic since certification
  • Must have DOH License to practice
  • Comprehensive knowledge of medical services policies and procedures, U.A.E. law and regulations, company policies and procedures
  • English is required to prepare documentation and it is used as the common language to communicate with different nationalities. Basic knowledge of medical Arabic desirable
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of medical ethics

Job Identification 19

Apply Before 03/31/2023

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