Herbal Gel Mask

Herbal Gel Mask

Herbal Gel Mask

Also known as goat nut, deer nut, pignut, wild hazel, quinine nut, coffeeberry, and gray box bush, is native to Southwestern North America.


• 100ml. glycerine

• 15gr. apple pectin powder

• 30ml. jojoba oil (for dry skin)

• 30ml. honey (optional)

• 100ml. rose water

Directions for making:

In a bowl gradually add pectin powder to glycerine,
blending until there are no lumps. Add jojoba oil
and/or honey. Stir in herbal water. Allow sit 8-12
hours to allow it to thicken into a gel.

Directions for using:

Apply mask evenly to face, avoiding the eye area.
Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Wipe off with a soft
damp cloth.

Directions for storing:

Store in the refrigerator, up to two weeks.

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