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Link Name Megacil – 3ml
Link ID 14964636458
Retail Price 146.9
Category Saúde / Funcionais

Megacil is a serum that promotes increased lash size and volume. With imported formula, Megacil is quickly absorbed, stimulating eyelash growth at an accelerated rate.

By activating the germ tissue of the hair follicle, Megacil makes the eyelashes longer, thicker, fuller and shiny. The formula is 100% natural and does not cause any eye irritation.
Advantages / Benefits: 
  • Natural serum
  • Imported Formula
  • Larger Eyelashes
  • More volume
C atom using Megacil 3ml?
We recommend applying with eyeliner at the base of the eyelashes twice a day with clean and dry skin. In case of applying the makeup, iron the product and wait 5 minutes to dry.

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