Gamefly non-stop entertainment

Gamefly non-stop entertainment

Gamefly has the best service and prices for all ages, all times. Satisfy your crave with the best games from Gamefly.

Nice customer service. I recently got a game from them on free trial, and I didn’t return the game. (My fault) I believe I lost it. I emailed them for an extension on the game they gave it to me. On the end of that extension, I emailed them to say I lost the sleeve, they extended it until they sent me another sleeve. They’re very understanding company as far as reasonable understand can go, seeing many people try to rip them off. They had my credit card info the whole time and not once charged me despite having a month trial game for almost 2 months. Only annoying thing is the emails I get from them, but I am considering going back to gamefly if funds permit.

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