Class Oriented Jewelry

LinkShe Bead and Elephant Pendant Gold Metal Anklet 14263493326 5.3 Jewelry
LinkShe Blue Bead Decorated Silver Metal Anklet for Woman 14263493338 5.86 Jewelry
LinkShe 3pcs Gold Metal Anklet Set for Woman 14263493238 9.59 Jewelry
LinkShe Water Drop Shape Rhinestone Embellished Silver Metal Anklets 14263493284 13.49 Jewelry
LinkShe Heart Shape Silver Metal Anklets for Woman 14263493228 7.77 Jewelry
LinkShe 3pcs Turtle Shape Wax Rope Anklets for Woman 14263493252 8.38 Jewelry
LinkShe Woman Silver Metal Rhinestone Embellished 7 Piece Ring Set 14263493096 7.33 Jewelry
LinkShe Stone Decorated Silver Metal Rings Set 14263493106 6.47 Jewelry
LinkShe Chic Luxury Gold Fingernail Shape Ring for Woman 14263493176 4.75 Jewelry
LinkShe Rhinestone Decorated Geometric Shape Metal Rings 14263493148 6.38 Jewelry
LinkShe Cyan Stone Decorated Gold Metal Ring 14263493126 5.8 Jewelry
LinkShe Daily Casual Open Antique Silver Ring 14263493132 5.1 Jewelry
LinkShe Woman Gold Metal Rhinestone Embellished Ring 14263493142 7.46 Jewelry
LinkShe Rhinestone Decorated Silver Metal Ring for Woman 14263493138 7.46 Jewelry
LinkShe Flower Shape Rhinestone Decorated Ring Set 14263493014 8.85 Jewelry
LinkShe Silver Metal Rhinestone Decorated Ring Set 14263493026 8.38 Jewelry
LinkShe Silver Metal Ear Studs and Turquoise Decorated Rings 14263493032 9.03 Jewelry
LinkShe Rhinestone Decorated Vintage Metal Ring Set 14263493040 7.9 Jewelry
LinkShe Rhinestone Decorated Silver Metal Rings for Lady 14263492984 8.64 Jewelry
LinkShe Rhinestone Decorated Gold Metal Ring Set 14263493036 8.46 Jewelry
LinkShe Woman White Rhinestone Decorated Silver Metal Ring Set 14263493010 8.98 Jewelry
LinkShe Bead and Arrow Decorated Metal Ring Set 14263493048 8.22 Jewelry
LinkShe Gold Metal Artificial Crystal Decorated Red Ring Set 14263493004 8.94 Jewelry
LinkShe Rhinstone Decorated Sunflower Shape Ear Studs for Woman 14263492948 4.05 Jewelry
LinkShe Rhinestone Decorated Gold Metal Various Shape Ring Set 14263492960 8.11 Jewelry
LinkShe Square Shape Color Block Metal Ring 14263492954 7.27 Jewelry
LinkShe 8pcs Silver Metal Turquoise Embellished Rings for Lady 14263492962 8.55 Jewelry
LinkShe 14pcs Various Shapes Silver Metal Vintage Rings 14263492970 8.98 Jewelry
LinkShe Silver Metal Star Design Skeleton Shape Ring 14263492956 7.27 Jewelry
LinkShe Silver Metal Twist Design Earrings for Lady 14263492928 5.77 Jewelry
LinkShe Gold Metal Cutout Design Earring for Woman 14263492936 5.53 Jewelry
LinkShe Christmas Tree Pattern Gold Metal Earrings 14263492900 6.29 Jewelry
LinkShe Christmas Bell Pattern Silver Metal Earrings for Woman 14263492902 6.29 Jewelry
LinkShe Star Shape Rhinestone Decorated Earrings for Woman 14263492912 6.18 Jewelry
LinkShe Silver Metal Blue Rhinestone Decorated Earrings for Woman 14263492934 6.42 Jewelry
LinkShe Rhinestone Decorated Leaf Shape Gold Earrings 14263492924 7.12 Jewelry
LinkShe Silver Metal Circle Shape Ear Studs 14263492910 4.68 Jewelry
LinkShe Gold Metal Christmas Snowman Pattern Earrings 14263492904 6.29 Jewelry

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