Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

There are many rumors about the idea of celebrating Father’s Day, as some have argued that it has ancient origins that go back more than 400 years and are linked to Catholics.

At the same time, some consider that the origins of Father’s Day are Babylonian, linked to a young man who wrote a letter of thanks to his father on a tablet he made of clay and presented it to him as a gift in appreciation of his efforts in raising him, and it was the first gift presented to the father.

In another account, it is said that the celebration dates back to the daughter of an old participant in the American Civil War, called “Sonora Smart Dodd”, from Arkansas, and invoked the idea of honoring her father, who died leaving behind 6 children he was supporting himself after his wife died in childbirth.

Dodd was 16 when she demanded that Father’s Day be celebrated, as Mother’s Day is, and made several requests to the governor of her state to implement her demand, and in 1910, the first Father’s Day celebration was held by Mrs. Dodd at the YMCA in Spokane, Washington.

Another story belongs to an orphan named Grace Golden Clayton of Vermont, West Virginia, who urged the Methodist Church to perform a patriarchal service in 1908.

Also, some accounts indicate that the idea of honoring the fathers emerged after the mining disaster that occurred in Monoga in 1907, and is considered the worst in the history of American mining, as 362 men were killed, which caused the widowhood of about 250 women, and left more than a thousand orphaned children, which Pay Mrs. Clayton to honor these dead fathers.

Among all these stories and gossip, honoring the father remains a non-generalized celebration that searches for semi-uniform manifestations and rituals among the countries of the world, to give thanks to the father who suffers to ensure a decent life for his children.

Countries differed in determining a fixed day to celebrate this day. There are countries that chose the month of March, and some of them chose June, and some of them chose September, to be the only honor for the father, confused between three dates.

The Catholic group celebrates Father’s Day on March 19 of each year, while in the United States it is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, and in Australia the choice was made on the first Sunday in September.

In 1972, former US President Richard Nixon established the third Sunday of every June as a national holiday to celebrate Father’s Day in the United States, and the matter remains in effect to this day.

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